winter 24: techno-skepticism

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My experience with Liberation Spring (and in particular, the Just Pleasure course) is that Anjali is inexplicably adept when it comes to seamlessly weaving learning objectives into readings, assignments, and group discussions. She has the uncanny ability to create a safe, brave space for connection, critical thinking, and integration of the introduced concepts into her students’ lives—not as distant theories but as lived practices with distinctly political ramifications. As with all of Anjali’s undertakings, her courses are incredibly rigorous and nuanced, and also anchored in deep respect for her students’ lived experiences. There is something incredibly vitalizing about being in a Liberation Spring course. I can expect to be challenged, perplexed, and delighted. I can expect to have my intellectual horizons stretched, to come back to beginner’s mind, and also to know that I’m an integral part of the learning community. This is the kind of consciousness-raising that nourishes me deeply—and reminds me on a daily basis of how my everyday choices impact not just my life, but the collective. ― Nirmala N.