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In order to make your impact as good as your intention, I teach folks how to embody integrity with brilliance. When needed, I’ll help you code switch. Whether it’s interdimensional code switching so you can get thru to your folks who’re mesmerized by the illusions of the 3D. Or if it’s super strategic navigation of the turbulent waters of a toxic corporate gig that you’re raising all the right hell in for our future generations. Let’s wayfind together.

Could you use support with a project? This could include any form of community engagement, such as activism, publishing, building a curriculum or campaign, unlearning oppressive stories, or practicing deeper accomplice-ship. Does your hustle in the non-profit industrial complex have you yearning for a more life-affirming contribution to the struggle? Maybe your project is clarifying how you’d like to contribute to a contemporary social justice movement. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out what it means to decolonize your mind. Liberation Spring LLC is here to aid you in these endeavors.

Liberation Spring LLC uses a client-specific approach and is available to share customized feedback on your project so that it can be as decolonial and effective as possible. Depending upon your interests, I can share resources (readings, film, art, other forms of cultural production, organizations, events to attend, possible contacts, etc.) and constructive feedback (questions for reflection, development suggestions, practical activities) on your creations and processes.  Most of my students/clients prefer regular meetings to devote to their unique (un)learning journeys. We collectively envision possibilities and a flexible framework for implementation.

A few examples of projects that current participants are working on include the following: growing inclusive women’s healing circles, crafting decolonial curricula, creating an anticapitalist incubator, building antiracist intentional communities, creating zines, writing books, finding purposeful callings, starting social enterprises, habituating journalistic courage, collaborating on a community garden, strengthening liberatory cultural production, unlearning liberal ‘diversity & inclusion’ diversionary paradigms, and (re)connecting with ancestry.

Participants tune in remotely, so feel free to connect regardless of your geographical location. If this sounds potentially useful for you, please do be in touch! Also, you can find out more about my background & areas of expertise here or thru my resume.

Rates available upon request liberationspring@gmail.com.

Feel free to book a call with me here.

I’ve had the joy of learning from Anjali Nath since Fall 2015.  She brings her vast knowledge of social justice, community building, and creating change to education.  I was deeply impressed by her passion and genius.  Her articulation of ideas is incredibly engaging.   She is actually the best speaker and presenter I have ever heard – and I’m not exaggerating.   She is eloquent, clear, and engaging.  And. her voice is so melodious that one feels captivated by what she is expressing.

Actually, I think her poise and clarity of speech is reflective of someone who walks the talk on all levels.  Anjali is deeply spiritual and has done the inner work to engage with people in a highly inspiring, transformational manner.  And, that is what we need today: people committed to the evolutionary path to create a happier, healthier world for all.

I consulted with Anjali regarding a particular controversial topic I was challenged by in my own activist and academic work.  Our conversations helped me to navigate the subject with more clarity and courage moving forward.

Anjali is a visionary of our time.  Anyone would be blessed to learn from her and be guided by her. –Charlotte Cressey