summer 16: Just Pleasure℠

Just Pleasure: Revolutionary Approaches to the Erotic

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I happened to stumble upon Liberation Spring- by chance, a friend invited me on the very first day of the summer gathering. It was a pleasant surprise and I found myself eager to return. These weekly gatherings were perhaps the core of my summer, which was essential in redirecting my energies, uncovering layers of feelings, unsilencing myself, and returning to my body. A return to my body and the present- that is my greatest appreciation. It was also extremely relieving to find myself in a community of women that could cultivate a brave space to share our hxstories, experiences, and voices; as the youngest in the group, I gained an extensive amount of knowledge to aid me in my own journey to feel diving in my being. I felt affirmed in my lived past, my unstable present, and my hopeful present. If I were to recommend Liberation Spring to a friend, I would pass on my experience of community, liberation, and empowerment- if one is looking to expand their horizons with a group of radical women through thought, conversation, lived experiences, and food, to honor our ancestral knowledge, affirm our stories, and liberate our minds from the exclusionary, normative education/history that has been fed to us, Liberation Spring offers a beautiful chance to do so.

I have most enjoyed the space that you have fostered for all of us to come in with our full selves and share; the fact that it is a popular education space where there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ was truly comforting for my soul. I also appreciate the facilitation style, it felt like there was room for all of us to share. I am just really grateful for all of the knowledge that you left me with as well as the time and support throughout the summer! –Ozichi Onaeze Emeziem