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Liberation Spring is a grassroots adult freedom school that started in 2015 that offers group & individualized curricula in the service of decolonization. It fuses consciousness-raising, popular education, & other approaches to learning as a practice of freedom. LS offers resources  to help you come together & learn in the most relevant & accessible ways possible to face the needs of our selves, families, neighborhoods, & Earth.  In the face of political, economic, social, & ecological challenges, these templates can support you & your community.  Pick up a syllabus & have a dialogue gathering a constellation of folks who are showing up to this precious moment in history with integrity. Let’s get free, people.

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Participating in Liberation Spring has been a transformative experience for which I am truly grateful. I initially joined, almost a year ago, largely out of curiosity and the desire for some kind of community with the priority of fighting against injustice. I was really blown away by the knowledge I gained, the connections made, and … Continue reading Grace Shigetani

Grace Shigetani

Liberation Spring empowers and motivates me through my process of unlearning and learning. I am consistently inspired by the work of my peers and mentor, who move with humility and grounded intentionality. I appreciate the value of intellectual knowledge as well as the somatic, the spiritual, the emotional knowledge that comes from our lived experiences, … Continue reading Nicole Gervacio

Nicole Gervacio

Liberation Spring is exactly what I was looking for before I dared let myself imagine it: a space where my full self is welcomed, nourished, necessary. A place to unlearn and learn that centers indigenous women and women of color’s genius and is fiercely decolonial. A community dedicated to healing from violent paradigms that would … Continue reading T.A.


I found Liberation Spring during a confusing and frustrating time in my life. As a Muslim American, I constantly felt rejected by the place I called home and was struggling to reconcile and honor all of my identities. LS was a space in which I could sit with the discomfort, gather my strength, and channel … Continue reading Sadia Saifuddin

Sadia Saifuddin

As I sit and reflect on my favorite aspects of our Liberation collective…Consciousness raising. Love. Positivity. Awareness. Sharing. Nourishing. Consideration. Powerful. Soulful. Openness. Safe. Dedication. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Supportive. Information. Connection. Revolution.  Awakening. United. Accountability. Community. Uplifting. Respect. Liberating. Diligent. And Effectiveness are a few characteristics that flow through my mind. We are new wave feminist. … Continue reading Tyler Morgan

Tyler Morgan