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Liberation Spring is a grassroots adult freedom school that started in 2015 that offers group & individualized curricula in the service of decolonization. It fuses consciousness-raising, popular education, & other approaches to learning as a practice of freedom. LS offers resources  to help you come together & learn in the most relevant & accessible ways possible to face the needs of our selves, families, neighborhoods, & Earth.  In the face of political, economic, social, & ecological challenges, these templates can support you & your community.  Pick up a syllabus & have a dialogue gathering a constellation of folks who are showing up to this precious moment in history with integrity. Let’s get free, people.


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Liberation Spring is game-changing. The work is deep, and supported by Anjali’s meticulous, comprehensive guidance paired with a group of brilliant, dedicated un/learners. The experience is nothing less than radical transformation.  

Catherine Petru

A collective exists to uplift, challenge, unify, and liberate ourselves and the various communities in which we exist! Since attending Liberation Spring I have been completely supported in decolonizing and reclaiming the existence of my Ancestors. Anjali brings an incredible, truly captivating, engaging, and profound Spirit to our group which is Beyond what I have … Continue reading Anonymous


What I appreciate about Liberation Spring most is the fact that it has re-framed what an educational setting, teacher, and learning looks like for me.  There is something magical about learning in a family friendly environment, over a delicious meal, in a home lovingly selected for our classes.  If you have never tried it, I … Continue reading Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes

I’ve had the joy of learning from Anjali Nath since Fall 2015.  She brings her vast knowledge of social justice, community building, and creating change to education.  I was deeply impressed by her passion and genius.  Her articulation of ideas is incredibly engaging.   She is actually the best speaker and presenter I have ever heard – and … Continue reading Charlotte Cressey

Charlotte Cressey

My favorite part of LS has been the growing sense of empowerment and awakening I feel as a result of working through resources in a non-hierarchical community of fellow thirsty travelers who share a longing for imagining and creating realities that are juicy. No matter how “crazy” I have felt for most of my life, … Continue reading Grace Diehl

Grace Diehl