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Liberation Spring is a grassroots adult freedom school that started in 2015 that offers group & individualized curricula in the service of decolonization. It fuses consciousness-raising, popular education, & other approaches to learning as a practice of freedom. LS offers resources  to help you come together & learn in the most relevant & accessible ways possible to face the needs of our selves, families, neighborhoods, & Earth.  In the face of political, economic, social, & ecological challenges, these templates can support you & your community.  Pick up a syllabus & have a dialogue gathering a constellation of folks who are showing up to this precious moment in history with integrity. Let’s get free, people.

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Liberation Spring has been an incredible source of learning and a place to come together for our collective unlearning. The process of discovering the roots which are the foundation for creating a more just and loving relationship with life itself are just the beginning of the gifts of this education. I’m immensely grateful for Anjali … Continue reading Michelle Dench

Michelle Dench

Intimately transformative, soulfully cleansing, mentally gripping. A brilliant celestial shower of thought and experience that encompasses lifetimes of generational struggle; all well crafted and presented in a way that exposes oneself to both ancestral paths of grounding, and a true wellspring of liberation. For the activist, this is an opening to the infinite possibilities of … Continue reading Sulaiman Hyatt

Sulaiman Hyatt

One of our Liberations Spring cohort recently spoke during a sesh of creating a brave space. In our collective, we do just that: work in solidarity to create a brave space, at once interrogating, transgressing, and transcending dominant learning paradigms, putting theory into practice, and turning conventional academic practice on its head—all in third-space style. … Continue reading Kris Grossman

Kris Grossman

I happened to stumble upon Liberation Spring- by chance, a friend invited me on the very first day of the summer gathering. It was a pleasant surprise and I found myself eager to return. These weekly gatherings were perhaps the core of my summer, which was essential in redirecting my energies, uncovering layers of feelings, … Continue reading Ozichi Onaeze Emeziem

Ozichi Onaeze Emeziem

This class and the instructor Anjali Nath were so transformative for my growth. At the time of this course I was processing deep sexual trauma that I had just acknowledged that I was holding, and this space not only opened my mind tremendously through a thorough and scholarly framework, but also helped to call into … Continue reading Fatima Nasiyr

Fatima Nasiyr