summer 19: Just Pleasure℠

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This class and the instructor Anjali Nath were so transformative for my growth. At the time of this course I was processing deep sexual trauma that I had just acknowledged that I was holding, and this space not only opened my mind tremendously through a thorough and scholarly framework, but also helped to call into my awareness the knowingness of my being. This community class and space taught me how to be more deeply in tune with my truth and power. Anjali and the other participants did an excellent job in creating a space that felt safe and filled with so much authenticity and vulnerability. The discussions that we had were so rich and deeply personal, with each week it seeming like a new classmate was having deep epiphanies about themselves and their stories. It was so beautiful to heal together with women-identified folks around such a deep and often shamed part of ourselves that really ties into our whole humanity. To see myself reflected in women from different backgrounds and ages (myself and Ozichi E. being the youngest participants) was so inspiring. ― Fatima N.

feminist activist class