summer: Gaslight the System!

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

If you’ve had access to mental health services, have you ended up educating your the/rapists about culture, migration, sexuality, feminism, colonialism, capitalism, politics, harm reductionist approaches to drug use, or spirit enough to wonder WTF their training is anyways? Did you know that there are entire fields like political psychology that don’t naturalize & normalize this psychopathic society? Do you ever dream of that moment where more gadflies name that the emperor has no clothes? Or rather, within this current Empire, that the emperor is wearing a sweatshop-made, pesticide laden, Monsanto laced BT-cotton spun disguise of legitimacy? Once a critical mass of society starts honestly speaking truth about power, imagine the change we can galvanize.

That’s right, it’s the long awaited LS season on ‘psychology’ & its discontents! From Frantz Fanon to feminist peer-to-peer counseling to mad pride & the radical mental health movement, we’re delving into the politics of madness and sanity. Let’s get our psyches out of the gutter of oppressive propaganda so we can gaslight the system which banks off of our doubting our truest perceptions of reality. Unapologetically taking our meaning-making back into our own hands, let’s shed the crazy-making and embrace our mad brilliance.