autumn: gaslight the system℠

Section 1 (all online): Mondays 6-9 PM EST Oct 1 – Dec 17 (12 weeks)

Section 2 (all online): Tuesdays 6-9 PM PST Oct 2 – Dec 18 (12 weeks)

Section 3 (Huichin/Oakland): Wednesdays 6-9 PM PST Oct 3 – Dec 19 (12 weeks)

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

If you’ve had access to mental health services, have you ended up having to educate your therapists about migration, sexuality, colonialism, culture, capitalism, spirit, politics, or harm reduction enough to wonder WTF their training is anyways? Did you know that there are entire fields like political psychology that don’t naturalize & normalize this psychopathic society?

That’s right, it’s our long-awaited season on psychology & its discontents.

From Frantz Fanon to feminist peer-to-peer counseling to the radical mental health movement, we’re delving into the politics of madness and sanity. Western psychology has no monopoly on legitimate understandings of wellness- not even close. Let’s get our minds out of the gutter of oppressive propaganda. Unapologetically taking our comprehension back into our own hands. Let’s shed the crazy-making. Embrace our mad brilliance. And gaslight the system which banks off of our doubting our truest perceptions of reality.

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seasonal learning objectives (and whatever you co-create)

  1. Unlearn gas-lighting that may have been clouding your perception (in the form of white supremacist, imperialist, cisheteropatriarchal, capitalist settler colonial propaganda)
  2. Understand the role that gas-lighting, pathologizing, medicalizing and institutionalization has historically played in suppressing dissent
  3. Deepen your awareness of the relationship between oppression & mental health
  4. Clarify your wellness baseline
  5. Refine self- & community care practices to support neuro-divergent meaning-making

seasonal devotion

This season is devoted to those of us who are no strangers to the heat of gas-lighting.  To our seers and hearers of prophesy and inter-dimensional communication who have been psychologized, pathologized, institutionalized, and worse for a brilliance that mediocrity cannot contain. To those who have forgotten the perception they’re capable of, or who have had their gifts shamed, ridiculed, beaten, or assimilated out of them- for now. And to all of our varied cosmologies that get de-legitimated within a hegemonic world order. To those fire-tenders who fan the flames of justice, allowing seeds of sanctuary and solace to be dispersed as it has always been. May those who move between realms be protected as we steward clear perception for our future generations & planetary survival.

tentative schedule (subject to change)

  1. intro to season
  2. Mining of Human Spirit John Trudell (audio)
  3. Alienation & Freedom chapter Frantz Fanon
  4. Madness & Oppression: Paths to Personal Transformation & Collective Liberation The Icarus Project
  5. The Individual & Kinship Vine Deloria
  6.  intro to the psychology of climate chaos
  7. Consciousness-raising session
  8. Feminist peer-to-peer counseling
  9. intro to the Stockholm Syndrome
  10. intro to Big Pharma
  11. Madness is Not the Reason for This Massacre Robert Fisk
  12. closing

Supplementary Resources



some seeds require fire for their dispersal- fire ecology is natural!

My favorite part of LS has been the growing sense of empowerment and awakening I feel as a result of working through resources in a non-hierarchical community of fellow thirsty travelers who share a longing for imagining and creating realities that are juicy. No matter how “crazy” I have felt for most of my life, LS affirms and encourages me to believe in my own bones. I can hardly believe it.

I can’t remember how I originally described our meeting. Something like, ‘i’m meeting with a group of folks who went rogue from the University, including my favorite professor. We’re starting our own school of community education and it doesn’t cost $10,000 a semester. We meet weekly and discuss all sorts of things from political theory to pop culture to dismantling the patriarchy. We’re decolonizing ourselves. I feel held and affirmed and challenged in this group. My crazy is actually an asset here. – Grace Diehl