spring: Counter Intelligence℠

(Kitchen) Counter Intelligence

Section 1 (all online): Tuesdays 6-9 PM PST April 3 – June 19 (12 weeks)

Section 2 (Huichin/Oakland): Wednesdays 6-9 PM PST April 4 – June 20 (12 weeks)

The recovery of the people is tied to the recovery of food, since food itself is medicine: not only for the body, but for the soul, for the spiritual connection to history, ancestors, and the land. The sustainability of land-based life rests on the biodiversity of traditional agriculture, the life stuff for pollinator diversity, and the web of life itself.

-Winona LaDuke, Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming

What would it taste like for our families and communities to decolonize our diets at this moment in time? What revolutions in industrial practice must we incite so we can nourish the palates of our future generations with vibrance and power? We’ll cover food justice, seed saving, food sovereignty, the biotech industry’s attempts to monopolize agriculture, food deserts, recipes as knowledge production, culinary appropriation, and more. Join us in this interactive & intimate season reclaiming our taste buds & foodways- it’ll be our most delicious yet.

seasonal devotion: This season is devoted to our precious pollinators, insects, animals, plants, soils, waters, Earth, sun, elements, & the seed-savers, recipe-keepers, farmers, hunters, fishers, foragers, and other agricultural & culinary workers who feed us. And to our loved ones who’ve been poisoned, diseased, displaced, and colonized by the agricultural & biotech industries. May not one more of our relatives be toxified by corporate merchandise, addictive additives, chemical fertilizers & pesticides, labor exploitation, neocolonial food policy, monocultures of the mind, the torture of factory farms, or the distortion of our relationship with food as they seek nourishment, vitality, sweetness, work, or the fulfillment of their role in a balanced ecosystem.

Seasonal Learning Objectives (& whatever you co-create)

  1. Unlearning transactional relationships with corporate merchandise advertised as ‘food & beverages’
  2. Detoxify/heal your relationship w/ nourishment (diets, merchandise, fast food, disordered eating, etc.)
  3. Supporting food sovereignty for participants and their communities
  4. Nourish justice for agricultural workers & a transition out of industrial agriculture
  5. Take concrete steps to decolonize your diet & experience food as medicine (rather than poison)

Weekly Schedule (subject to change)

  1. Intro to season
  2. The World According to Monsanto (video)
  3. Soul Food Junkies (video)
  4. Decolonizing Indigenous Diets Dr. Waziyatawin (book chapter)
  5. Food as Medicine- The Recovery of Traditional Foods to Heal the People Winona LaDuke (book chapter) & Wild Rice (video)
  6. Earthlings (minutes 1-46 & 1:21:00-end)
  7. consciousness-raising session
  8. Why sahlab (and hummus) still aren’t “Israeli”
  9. In New York City, farmworkers are hunger-striking to protest Wendy’s
  10. Womb Ecology & Our Ancestor’s Taste Buds (audio) & The Sioux Chef (video)
  11. Slim Hopes (video)
  12.  Seeds of Our Ancestors  (video- scroll 5 videos down on the site to find) & closing

Supplementary Materials

Assignments (All optional & strongly encouraged)

Weekly Homework

Please complete as much of the assigned materials as possible before each gathering. Give yourself time, as this material is deeply challenging and merits space to process. If you’re not able to complete the entire assignment for a class, feel free to still attend, though. If there are words or concepts you’re unfamiliar with, try to look them up. Please consider watching the films with others (documentary night!) to spread awareness & dialogue. Feel free to jot down questions that arise while doing the work.


To ensure the potency of our collective knowledge-production, (un)learning, and community building, no new participants will be able to sit in after Week 2.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you plan to be late or miss a gathering so that we can plan accordingly.

Also, please bring a journal and something to write with each week.

Note* This course will be audio recorded, primarily for folks who may miss a class so that they can access the recordings before our next gathering. Feel free to take this into consideration as you share with whatever level of discernment you prefer.

Financial Offering

Since I’m committed to taking seriously questions of access and privilege, this season is offered for $240 per participant to be paid in full by the first day of class. (This is the equivalent of $20 a class). If it’s literally impossible for you to donate this, let me know.


Decolonize Maiz by Ernesto Yerena Montejano (with permission)

Liberation Spring has been an invaluable experience for me. Anjali’s engaging pedagogy and the radical material she covers has challenged me to deeply reflect and critically question the ways in which I have been conditioned to move through the world. I have come away from my first season of Liberation Spring with a heightened sense of mindfulness and an eagerness to learn more about all the ways I can begin to decolonize and detoxify every aspect of my life. The (Kitchen) Counter Intelligence curriculum alone has enriched my relationship with food, the earth, other living species, my body, my culture, and my ancestry. I’m extremely grateful to have found such a powerful learning community. -Somaya Abdelgany