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I started @ LS during the autumn season of 2018 with “GasLight The System.” That class in particular struck so many chords with me in my adult life. Liberation Spring is a real undertaking: there are no gods too mighty to remove from their pedestals for examination; there are no authorities beyond reproach; there are no issues/reflections too small to discuss. There are no grades but for one to ‘excel’ in LS all that is needed is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a journal (writings within are considered gifts to one’s future self). LS has encouraged me to take a hard look at how I was living my life compared to how I wanted to be living my life. I felt empowered with a vocabulary to name and tools to recognize many instances of oppression, propaganda, and gaslighting occurring right before my eyes. LS teaches these, and other, life skills that one can implement as soon as you start the class. Anjali’s teaching style and the class setup ensures that all students feel safe enough to share deeply and intimately very early on. And by the end of the class, you will be good friends with many of your classmates. ― Zanda P.