what inspires LS

If the Free Universities can be maintained outside the institutionalized ‘marketplace of ideas,’ they will soon be able to produce more thoughtful and creative people than are produced in traditional educational programs.

-Dr. Vine Deloria Jr. We Talk, You Listen

Liberation Spring LLC is inspired by some of the these approaches to teaching & learning:


It’s Our Destiny to Set the Waters Free: Indigenous Education and the Unmaking of Settler Colonial Relations 


Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden 


Land as Pedagogy Nishnaabeg intelligence and rebellious transformation Dr Leanne Simpson

A Thousand Rivers: What the Modern World Has Forgotten about Children and Learning 

Decolonization, Indigeneity, Education, Society special issue on Indigenous Land-Based Education


Bija Vidyapeeth (Earth University)

Ho’oulu ‘Āina

Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning

Tobago Centre for the Study & Practice of Indigenous Spirituality

artwork by Just Seeds

I started @ LS during the autumn season of 2018 with “GasLight The System.” That class in particular struck so many chords with me in my adult life. Liberation Spring is a real undertaking: there are no gods too mighty to remove from their pedestals for examination; there are no authorities beyond reproach; there are … Continue reading Zanda P.

Zanda P.

Liberation Spring is not like anything else I’ve experienced. And that’s kinda the point: no matter what season you’re attending, LS situates what you thought you knew firmly within the constellation of other experiences, perspectives, world views, and histories, making you more aware of the edges of your own reality. Anjali is a generous and skilled … Continue reading Addie U.

Addie U.

Liberation Spring is an incantation of radical transformation and expansive possibility in which decolonial (un)/learning becomes the tongue we recover together in conversation. This learning community is a rare gift that invokes curiosity, creativity and collaboration outside of systems that disenfranchise people power. Rather than relegate the space into a distinctive separation of teacher/student, each … Continue reading Madhvi T.

Madhvi T.

Liberation Spring has been an incredible, humbling, passionate and fortifying space for learning and unlearning for me. In courses I’ve taken, there was not only space that allowed me to integrate my body, emotions, spirit, ancestors, and lands into education, but it was encouraged. I have been struck by the way Anjali contextualizes events, concepts, … Continue reading Eva


Intimately transformative, soulfully cleansing, mentally gripping. A brilliant celestial shower of thought and experience that encompasses lifetimes of generational struggle; all well crafted and presented in a way that exposes oneself to both ancestral paths of grounding, and a true wellspring of liberation. For the activist, this is an opening to the infinite possibilities of … Continue reading Sulaiman H.

Sulaiman H. feminist activist class