purpose & vision


Liberation Spring LLC inspires collective liberation among Bay Area communities & beyond through sharing popular education, consciousness-raising, & land-based learning.

the LS long-term vision

The creation of an independent land-based center for popular education that includes the following:

  1. A school
    • Heirloom seed saving & subsistence farming
    • Astronomy & way-finding
    • Decolonial re-landing/outdoor survival
    • Warrior trainings
    • Consciousness-raising groups, classes, documentary nights, & lectures
  2. A convergence site
    • Events: bringing together grassroots change-makers to strategize on the most important aspects of our collective liberation
    • Residencies: for movement intellectuals, activists, & multidisciplinary artists
  3. A cultural production wing
    • Including, but not limited to, a think tank, printing press, educational documentary-making, & a maker space

If you’re drawn to supporting this vision becoming a reality, please get in touch! In other words, are you open to considering sharing land, money, equipment or labor to grow the grounded education our communities, planet, & future generations need? If so, I’m looking forward to connecting.

la educacion es liberacion photo

Morelia caracol , Tzotz Choj zone, Chiapas, Mexico (photo by AN Upadhyay)

I found Liberation Spring during a confusing and frustrating time in my life. As a Muslim American, I constantly felt rejected by the place I called home and was struggling to reconcile and honor all of my identities. LS was a space in which I could sit with the discomfort, gather my strength, and channel my energies into learning, growing, and serving my community. The topics of the season are incredibly relevant to the times in which we are living, and Anjali is a master teacher and facilitator that brings out the innate learner in each of her students. I’m excited to rejoin LS in the summer, and eternally grateful for Anjali, the space, and the community members that make LS a true gem of the Bay Area. – Sadia Saifuddin