Liberation Spring is a deep well of truth that washes away the lies of omnicidal dominant culture from consciousness, one class gathering at a time. Anjali stewards with clarity the political reality of these times with compassion, comradeship and rigor. This is a school to return to season after season if you are interested in hearing honest and dynamic analysis about what is going on right now in the so-called United States and the world. In the process of unlearning in this freedom school format, I have found myself both healing educational trauma as well as coming into a greater capacity to navigate these intense times with my own clarity and purpose. As a white person who occupies a position of privilege in a white supremacist culture, I say to my fellow white folx that we must do this essential work of unlearning and removing our blindspots in order to show up as true accomplices in the collective liberation movements of our times. Thank you, Liberation Spring, for your radical, liberatory education!

Gaia E., M.A.