Courses with Liberation Spring are a sure way to fall in love with reality. Five Seasons in, I have more questions than I arrived with. Anjali is a gentle, yet fierce, facilitator pointing attendees towards important truths, but refusing to cross participant boundaries to make a point. For this reason, she is able to hold dozens of learners every season in a container of ever-deepening growth, reflectiveness, and engagement.

My life has been greatly enriched and in some ways, complicated, by the learning within this space. When I first heard Anjali speak in a podcast, I was lit up listening to her views on our greater potential and creating healing visions for our future. Her words respect the tangible and root within well-researched historical precedents, without abandoning other forms of knowing (subtle or otherwise).

I hope everyone has an opportunity to participate in these highly accessible courses. May we all unlearn harmful narratives and come home to more dignified, informed ways of being with and of the world. I am grateful for my continuing education with the Liberation Spring community and Anjali.

Natasha T.