feminist activist class

Liberation Spring is a really phenomenal program! I was skeptical of the online learning platform at first, worried that it would not be compelling enough for me to even come to class (since that’s kinda how college was for me). This was double true because I felt pretty knowledgeable about some of the subject matter going into it.  Yet Anjali has really created something special here. The readings were all manageable but enlightening. The prompts were personally challenging in a way that allowed me to set the own rigor of my thinking. The reflections of my classmates really welcomed me to go deep and most importantly, Anjali’s deeply consent based teaching style really let me feel held in going that deep with strangers. I learned a ot more about my self and liberatory possibilities than I expected. I ended up looking forward to the class every week. My classmates and I really felt like a temporary but nourishing intellectual-emotional community. Liberation Spring was truly a great gift, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Just Pleasure was really an eye-opening experience for me. I’ve been engaging with Black Queer Feminism for years now and it has regularly transformed my life. I was not expecting to be really blown away with anything new in the course but I definitely was. My partner and I took the course together and I found it was challenging for our relationship in really positive way. It both prompted and supported me to ask myself some really deep questions about what actually feels good for me and what pains are standing in the way of my pleasures. The mix of personal reflection and group process was really really transformative for me. Having a space to share things that I rarely let myself think let alone express out loud was really healing. It also made it much more natural and organic for intense conversation about pleasure to arise between my partner and I through the guise of debriefing the class. I think it really helped us name and address some unnamed desires and ask that really opened up our relationship in a beautiful way. I’m really really glad that Anjali encouraged me to take this course, I can’t recommend it enough. 

Aaron G.