Anjali is a very special facilitator, scholar, and educator who is warm, genuine, generous, and brilliant. As a person who is relatively new to the work of decolonization and un-learning, Liberation Spring warmly welcomed me and allowed my questions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings to be there. I really felt supported by the community to take on this journey, and it challenged my biases and conditioning. I’m so glad I started! I gained so much wisdom and knowledge from the time I spent with LS and appreciated accessible materials, resources, deep discussions, insights, creativity, and a sense of solidarity. The challenging topics were often paralleled with expansiveness and possibility. I was often inspired and energized after the class. The awareness and understanding I started to cultivate since my first course, Gaslight the System, have been a very important part in my work as a therapist. I am looking forward to taking more courses and to continue participating in the work of collective liberation. I can’t express enough gratitude to the offering of LS and all the work Anjali and everyone does!

Yuriko D, MA