Liberation Spring is essential education towards habitable and just futures. Spending time in this learning community dials up the brightness of the north star of decolonial feminist inquiry as a guiding orientation to navigate the core issues and root conditions of our time. It is a joy and honor to learn from Anjali, to experience the immense care she pours into the exquisite curation of learning materials and the ways she meets each person where they are at, continually expanding our collective context for critical understandings and liberatory practice.  I brim over with gratitude for this approach to education, which is not about “figuring it all out” in an urgent check-list of response to systemic horror kind of way, but about polishing lenses of discernment as an ongoing practice, inviting humble connection with emancipatory lineages of thought and practice, ethical attunement of our antennae, and posing questions to truly live into for the rest of our lives. My experience of Liberation Spring is of nurturing greenhouse conditions for transformative practice, in real acknowledgment of people’s different paces and rhythms of processing, learning and unlearning, and offering densely coiled seeds that may unfurl over a lifetime.

Zara Z.