It was a privilege to join LS for the autumn 2019 season “Gaslight the System”. There was no end to the rich and challenging moments of learning and unlearning mental “health” systems’ role in upholding white supremacy and distancing us from our own mind/body/generational trust. This season got me thinking and has kept me thinking about what I haven’t been taught to look for, what it means to be attuned to myself, and what purpose gaslighting serves on a systems level. It was emotional and inspiring listening to others share their stories of navigating systems and their desire to see them uprooted. Anjali is a thoughtful and bold facilitator/educator who created space for discussion, growth, and liberating work. There is so much intention put into this project and LS sessions felt life giving in a way my traditional education has never been. I really appreciated being encouraged to push back on the texts we were given and take everything with a grain of salt, because the gaslighting runs so deep. The urgent need for justice and healing shines through in every LS session, every critique of readings, every uncomfortable discussion, and every story shared in the space. I intend to come back for future LS sessions as soon as I’m able!

Sophia X.