feminist activist class

Participating in Liberation Spring’s Summer program “Just Pleasure” was the absolute best investment I made this year. Anjali’s carefully curated writing prompts, content and leadership set me on a trajectory into much deeper inquiry and shifts in my work. As a placeholder for other female leaders, I was struggling with finding the balance in language-ing and direction in the fast-paced shifts in our cultural landscape, and this program allowed me to sit with those changes without having to move too quickly through it. Anjali is way ahead of our times in terms of what we need to bring more balance in human relations. What reverberates the most for me is the piece around anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approaches to consent and building boundaries — it is a framework that will carry me through my lifetime, and one I get to pass down to my son. I am deeply grateful for this program and how it has taught me to be my own permission giver.

Sonali F.