feminist activist class

I am deeply impacted by Liberation Spring and the space Anjali has created for questioning, consciousness-raising and discovering the vast areas of work that are being cultivated in the spirit of decolonization, across the planet. Educational spaces have historically been traumatizing for me, and this has been a revolutionary and healing experience for me to see how a learning space can exist in support of un-learning, and ‘pulling out the weeds’, all the while making space for new wisdom and creativity. Every week of the class, I find myself humbled to witness the warriorness of Anjali and so many class-participants who actively resist the powerful tides of dominance and oppression that colonial systems and societies are built on, while acknowledging ancient wisdom traditions that continue to resource these movements of resistance. In a world where I find myself frequently manipulated to believe that my vulnerability is weakness, where my subjective realities are considered inferior to the objective rules built to maintain the status quo of power-dynamics, Liberation Spring has given me the energy to identify and name the phenomena of oppression, and to reclaim my truths as I strive to exist in service of authenticity and collective liberation.

Shalini R.