feminist activist class

I started Liberation Spring looking for a space where I could continue to understand who I am and what each of my identities represents. From the very beginning it was clear that LS would provide me with the community, knowledge, and critical lens to empower me to discover and continue discovering just that. Each class is a tight knit community, full of love and support, something that traditional forms of education deeply lack. I would never be at the place where I am in tune with my body at this level, aware of how I contribute to systems of oppression, and optimistic that collective liberation is possible if not for these courses and the people who took them with me.

Each season of Liberation Spring is a beautiful, deep dive examining your past, current and future self with expert guidance from Anjali along the journey. With educational information, personal challenges, and collective goals in mind, Anjali creates a brave space where nuance and discernment flood every class. There is no end to the hard work and no end to the healing while you navigate throughout each season. I highly recommend investing in yourself and all of humanity by partaking on a season of learning and unlearning with Liberation Spring.

Sam W.