Liberation Spring is an incantation of radical transformation and expansive possibility in which decolonial (un)/learning becomes the tongue we recover together in conversation. This learning community is a rare gift that invokes curiosity, creativity and collaboration outside of systems that disenfranchise people power. Rather than relegate the space into a distinctive separation of teacher/student, each participant takes on both roles and is celebrated for all the wisdom they offer. We learn from hxstory, we learn from ancestors, we learn from seeds and stars, and each other. I am in awe and admiration of Anjali’s heart commitment against erasure, oppression and dismantling the false narratives that keep us stuck in seeing so little for our futures. I have taken part in two consecutive seasons of Liberation Spring offerings: Techno-Skepticism and Revolution 2020. Within these courses, I have come to understand the power of discernment that allows us to see beyond the state sanctioned evil eye of surveillance and LOOK in depth at these unjust realities as they exist to know what we are up against. With our conversations and critical undertakings, we are able to strategize solutions for uprising for liberation at the individual, interpersonal and institutional level. Liberation Spring calls us to action with love. This space is a reminder that we each have the agency to (re)claim our responsibility to fight for a more just reality and this requires us to be in community//in constellation with each other. 

Madhvi T.