I keep coming back season after season for more Liberation Spring courses because they provide solid information in a supportive space with lots of dialogue to process, digest, and unlearn.  Anjali’s depth of knowledge, evocative prompts, and thought-provoking “homework assignments” compel me to look at the issue of the season from a variety of lenses, and invite me to see how my own cultural conditioning has informed my assumptions.  All of this takes place in a supportive community where my unconscious beliefs are made explicit and challenged, but in a way that feels generative.  I find it refreshing to learn about the impacts of imperialism and colonization with solid information, grounded in reality, and always with invitations for personal practices for our own healing and to stop perpetuating oppression personally and collectively. I am now able to more quickly recognize and interrupt (when possible) the myriad ways that imperialism and white supremacy are perpetuated in mainstream culture and institutions.  I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to lift the veil on the unspoken assumptions of mainstream culture and deepen their understanding of systems of oppression.

Linda R.