feminist activist class

One of our Liberations Spring cohort recently spoke during a sesh of creating a brave space. In our collective, we do just that: work in solidarity to create a brave space, at once interrogating, transgressing, and transcending dominant learning paradigms, putting theory into practice, and turning conventional academic practice on its head—all in third-space style.

Anjali is (re)born to teach. Her proclivity for facilitating discussion, her gift for carefully crafting curricula, her profound knack for connecting students with a staggering array of spot-on resources, and her obvious love of conspiring to unlearn is immense. In both one-on-one meetings and in our weekly group gatherings, she supports, inspires, and cuts to it: if we want to myth make, reimagine what is possible, dream, think-feel, nourish ourselves and one another, and get down, this work is not luxury—it’s necessity.

Kris G.