decolonial activism

Liberation Spring is a vital wellspring that has quenched a thirst I didn’t even know I had. Like a moving body of water, ever-flowing, dynamic and powerful, participating in this community has consistently generated insight, resonance and inspiration in my experience. It has washed through my life and re-shaped the way I relate to learning. I had no idea what I was stepping into when I came to my first class and looking back I’m not sure I could have anticipated it. Anjali’s warmth and guidance has brought new insights into sharp focus and helped me to see into my blind spots. I have begun to take more seriously the invitation to stop living in ways that are killing me/us/life and that feels like a step towards greater integrity. Amidst the crumble of some long held identities and beliefs, LS has offered a nourishing ground to grow upon. I feel a renewed sense of commitment to life and an expanded relationship to possibility. I am absolutely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to engage this journey in such unapologetically brilliant company.

Kelsey G.