Liberation Spring (LS) is a learning space like no other. I have been in higher education for 7 years (and counting) and have earned various academic degrees, but no other academic space compares to the level of critical thinking and social responsibility that LS has encouraged me to consider. This space validates my feelings of alienation and stress that result from my experience navigating colonial academia. LS offers courses that are not taught in most colonial educational institutions, nourishes a learning process that triggers critical interrogation about everyday taken-for-granted assumptions about how the world works, encourages an un-learning process of oppressive frameworks with which we are taught to interpret oppressive conditions, and lastly it offers classes at different times so I have the flexibility to choose the meeting times that best fit my schedule. Take a class with LS and you will not want to ever go back to traditional pedagogies that do not value y(our) ancestral knowledge and only serve to make us submissive to oppression. 

Joanna B, MA