feminist activist class

Gaslight the System was the first course I took at Liberation Spring and it opened up dialogue, critical thoughts, and deep self-reflections. I remember being really drawn to the title of the course and feeling like it strung some beautiful chords for me. It held space to speak freely on what my thoughts were.

Liberation Spring for me is a way to exercise and articulate the thoughts that sit with me throughout my every day life. In this digital age, I have found it difficult to find groups in my community to talk about the topics Anjali provides in Liberation Spring whether it is folks already have done the work or have not done the work and don’t want to start any time soon.

The way Anjali brings forth prompts and facilitates conversations with folks from all backgrounds is both respectful and responsible.

The conversations reaffirm what I think about but also bring to light other perspectives of folks living in this era today.

It is nice to see a collective of people working on these things on a weekly basis and continuing to educate themselves about what goes on current events and issues.

Ji Y.