decolonial activism

Liberation Spring provides a unique and much needed space for critical thought and personal reflection. At a time when the effects of militarization, environmental degradation and profound racial injustice are becoming obvious to more people, it is all the more important that we have spaces to learn how we got here and re(imagine) where we can go. So much of this critical information is not taught in school and not shared on mainstream media. The sessions are truly a model of liberatory education – provocative, insightful, and transformative. What makes them so special, other than the material and Anjali’s masterful facilitation, is the invitation to engage on a deeply personal level. How else would we get free?! Are we unwittingly replicating within our organizations or relationships the same oppressive forces we are trying to combat? Are we taking the time to heal our own trauma so that we don’t pass it on to others? The only way out is through… Knowing that the personal is not separate from the collective allows us to offer and receive more support, all in service of the whole. Anjali’s ability to offer feedback with compassion is very helpful as many of us leap and stumble on the path of collective liberation.


Ioana T.