By the time I enrolled in Gaslight the System in the Fall of 2018, I was experiencing much confusion, frustration, and disappointment in my life. Like many people I was led to believe that my problems were entirely of my own making and if I just changed my attitude, everything would change, but I’ve always suspected something else was going on. I like to explore issues with a wider lens but have often felt discouraged or dismissed. During that season’s course I started validating my experiences and putting more language to what I saw around me. I’ve participated in 4 more courses since then.

Liberation Spring is a space to see what’s behind the curtain, to look at how our systems, structures, and the media have upheld the status quo and causes harm to so many people and our planet. Instead of accepting things at face value, we take a deep dive into various topics and explore with some history and context. Each season I enjoy diving into issues from the variety of perspectives from others in the courses. Anjali’s facilitation is truly remarkable in that she picks up on the nuances of what one has to say and expands on them in ways that are mind-opening and encourage deep insight. Anjali is also a role model for offering compassionate feedback. It gives me hope that there are fellow travelers who are deeply concerned with the state of the world and want to imagine a different one. I also feel encouraged to keep questioning my conditioning and the systems in place.

Felicia B.