Liberation Spring has been an incredible, humbling, passionate and fortifying space for learning and unlearning for me. In courses I’ve taken, there was not only space that allowed me to integrate my body, emotions, spirit, ancestors, and lands into education, but it was encouraged. I have been struck by the way Anjali contextualizes events, concepts, cultural discourse, politics, etc. with such depth. Anjali’s knowledge and ways of teaching has helped me to recognize many ways systems of domination and oppression show up and affect this world and my personal life, catalyzing healing, growth, and mobilization. I really appreciate the ways relationship is centered at Liberation Spring; through direct relationships with the people/communities/land whose materials, practices, teachings are brought to LS, and to supporting relationship-building within and outside of LS. 

If you’re looking for an unlearning/learning space with potential for transformation; where multiplicity and difference is supported; you and your (un)learning are treated with dignity in all the ways you show up; inquiry, critiques, and personal experiences are valued and invited; honesty, authenticity, creativity, accountability, and collective liberation are practiced, please check out and support Liberation Spring.