decolonial activism

My favorite part of LS has been the holistic weavings of wisdom, intellectual pursuit, creative inquiry, community building, and medicine.  In a world where the fragmentation of self and commodification of knowledge is cultivated and rampant, LS feels like a nest of abundance where I can welcome home all aspects of myself in pursuit of a focused interest.  This is a place for me to walk the walk- not just talk the talk. A place for me to courageously grow in the support and nurturing of others who share a passion for self and societal transformation. The investment of time and money has already been life changing because we are recreating structures of learning and distribution of resources, building sustainable and supportive community, and authentically weaving spiritual, personal, and political revolution.

What I deeply appreciate about Anjali is her authenticity and courage. I appreciate how deeply she cares for us as individuals. I appreciate her unapologetic, badass presentation of her truth all the while encouraging us to further hone our own.  On a more logistical level, I appreciate Anjali’s accessibility and approachability. I admire and respect her ability to hold space for potentially uncomfortable and challenging conversations with seemingly such ease and connection.  I appreciate her organization of curriculum all the while allowing for organic growth and change.

Eri G. J.