feminist activist class
Anjali invited me to sit in on a Liberation Spring “class”.  Expecting a lecture, I was surprised and a bit uncomfortable with the format. I truly appreciated all the thoughts, questions, feelings, and knowledge flowing around me from Anjali and the other participants.  I was challenged by the invitations to share my own.
This fall I took my first course with Anjali and other students of life. As a white cis female baby boomer, I have a lot of unlearning to do. Acquiring deeper knowledge of the  imperialist, colonial, white supremacist foundations of the u.s.a  has been a disturbing and at the same time deeply appreciated and liberating experience. Anjali’s extensive knowledge, diffuse awareness and sharp focus guide us all. Through experiencing Liberation Spring courses, I am gaining the valuable tools with which to identify and build the transformations I seek.
As a visual artist trying to find meaning and have those meanings come through in my work, I find the weekly interactions and education a wellspring of ideas and motivation.
This course has led me on the path of becoming more humble and open-minded, with a keener sense of purpose.

Antonia D.