feminist activist class

Liberation Spring is one of the best, most nourishing medicines we could ask for in these times, a place where our intellectual hungers need not require the disowning of our humanity but in fact, invite the reclaiming of everything we have lost. The magic of Liberation Spring is subtle – on the surface it is coming together for Zoom calls and the discussion of readings carefully curated by Anjali. If you aren’t paying attention, you might miss the way these readings get into your bones and give them room to breathe, or Anjali’s skill at cultivating the kind of inclusive environment and sense of belonging that most only aspire to. One of the readings I will never forget, it shifted my understanding of colonialism, and helped me to more consistently put certain internalized pressures I have felt back onto systems from which they came. In another class, we learned to be discerning in our views on what constitutes ‘progress’ in ways that have continued to stick with me, sharpen my analysis, and continuously bring me back to my best priorities. There are many more moments and insights that impacted me for the better. If you are interested in moving toward collective liberation with honesty and heart, these classes are most definitely for you.