I am profoundly grateful for the Liberation Spring community and Anjali’s abundant compassion and rigor in cultivating this space for unlearning. This is the real deal. Decolonial, trauma-informed inquiries into potent topics ranging from pleasure to revolution without posturing or pretense. Unapologetic truth-telling regardless of what’s trending because if we’re serious about collective liberation we’re not getting there by passing a social justice jargon entrance exam. 

For me, that’s looked like legally changing my name. Reclaiming a spiritual heritage that has both drawn me into a deeper relationship with Creator and a deeper accountability for the ways in which Christian Empire has devastated Indigenous peoples and our planet. I am showing up in my activism and community organizing with greater integrity and discernment, while simultaneously taking care of and nourishing my body/mind to keep the work sustainable.

I would have never, ever guessed the reverberations that would come from a 3-hr weekly meeting and carefully crafted curriculum over 1 1/2 years with this project. I cannot more highly recommend, and regularly do to people I love who care about peace, justice, the future of humanity & our beloved Earth.

Thank you for all your hard work, Anjali! Looking forward to many more seasons of “pulling weeds and planting seeds”! 

Amy TK