Liberation Spring is not like anything else I’ve experienced. And that’s kinda the point: no matter what season you’re attending, LS situates what you thought you knew firmly within the constellation of other experiences, perspectives, world views, and histories, making you more aware of the edges of your own reality. Anjali is a generous and skilled facilitator, as well as an encyclopedia of resources. Is there any subject for which this woman can’t recommend five articles, a documentary, and a podcast? I think not. Adults need spaces to be students, in the best sense of the word: to admit what we don’t know, to remember what we do know, and to encounter new ideas in the context of community and conversation. Liberation Spring is an open window when the room of your mind is getting stuffy. It’s a portal to connect with real-life radicals all over the world (and those of us who aspire to be). It’s a substantial gift. 

Addie U.