autumn 16: Witch/Craft℠

The Political Ecology of Witch/craft.

September 14 – December 7, 2016 (13 weeks). Wednesdays 6-9 PM

Under the auspices of logic, rationality, and ‘Science,’ alternative cosmologies and worldviews are regularly delegitimized in the U.S. today. Amidst this society’s shallow pretense of religious freedom, then, unapologetically magical folks would be well advised to engage a course of ‘intellectual self-defense’ (Chomsky). To unlearn the dominant white supremacist capitalist colonial hetero-patriarchal imperialist stigma towards spirit and Earth. Thus, one primary objective of this class is to decolonize this culture’s dominant perception of magic. We’ll do this by historically contextualizing the role of colonialism and imperialism in forcing today’s hegemonic politics of sanity throughout the world. This will involve an overview of gas-lighting, secular fundamentalism, Enlightenment-based approaches to understanding ‘truth’ and objectivity, feminist science studies, epistemology, the dogma of scientism, and (of course) witchcraft. Ultimately, this course serves as an invitation to deepen our understanding of the intersections between political and spiritual liberation. Let’s heal from the degradation of the divine. Come join us in building intellectually rigorous community in the service of getting free.

Weekly Schedule

1: Intro & Coming out of the ‘Woo’ Closet

2: Witches Union Hall Cultural Appropriation In Spirituality zine Part 1 (1-31)

3: WU zine Part 2

4: WU zine Part 3 & email retreat offering idea(s)

5: WU zine Part 4

6: class is cancelled for Chris Hedges lecture in Berkeley at 7:30 PM

7: WU zine Part 5

8: Silvia Federici Caliban and the Witch p 1-19

9: Federici p 20-59

10: Federici p 60-131

11: Federici p 132-161

12: Federici p 162-217

13: Federici p 218-243. Celebration and closing

Supplementary Resources:


Disabling Capitalism

Richard Wolfe’s Monthly Global Capitalism lectures

The Burning Times (video)


As I sit and reflect on my favorite aspects of our Liberation collective…Consciousness raising. Love. Positivity. Awareness. Sharing. Nourishing. Consideration. Powerful. Soulful. Openness. Safe. Dedication. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Supportive. Information. Connection. Revolution.  Awakening. United. Accountability. Community. Uplifting. Respect. Liberating. Diligent. And Effectiveness are a few characteristics that flow through my mind. We are new wave feminist. We are activist. We are artivist. We are environmentalist. We are on a path of spreading righteousness. I deeply feel this is just the beginning…

I feel utmost grateful for the resources and personal experiences that are constantly exchanged during our gatherings. From the care we put into nourishing one another to a member intentionally initiating our spark of the evening, each session is truly therapeutic. Meeting with these lovely folks is the highlight of my week. We are jointly deepening our understanding of systemic oppression, the hurtful effects of colonialism, capitalism, imperialism, and removing the layers of mental slavery.

Our main facilitator is a breathing and high vibrating collection of encyclopedias. This phenomenal woman’s wealth of knowledge is as deep as Badwater Basin, high as Mount Whitney, and wide as the Milky Way. Anjali’s dedication to educating is a blessing and inspirational. She is deeply in touch with her existence and ancestry; superbly supportive in our individual awakening journeys as well as collectively. She has been a pivotal partner in my journey of uncovering and relearning the history of my ancestry and my power. I feel eternal gratitude for this collective.

Tyler M.

feminist activist class