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Feel free to check out the LS curriculum from former seasons to get a sense of what might be offered in the future, to see options for customized classes you can request, or just to learn from all the materials! To do so, hover your cursor over the words ‘past seasons’ above to see the drop-down menu.

Liberation Spring is an incantation of radical transformation and expansive possibility in which decolonial (un)/learning becomes the tongue we recover together in conversation. This learning community is a rare gift that invokes curiosity, creativity and collaboration outside of systems that disenfranchise people power. Rather than relegate the space into a distinctive separation of teacher/student, each … Continue reading Madhvi T.

Madhvi T.

Gaslight the System was the first course I took at Liberation Spring and it opened up dialogue, critical thoughts, and deep self-reflections. I remember being really drawn to the title of the course and feeling like it strung some beautiful chords for me. It held space to speak freely on what my thoughts were. Liberation … Continue reading Ji Y.

Ji Y. feminist activist class

Liberation Spring is not like anything else I’ve experienced. And that’s kinda the point: no matter what season you’re attending, LS situates what you thought you knew firmly within the constellation of other experiences, perspectives, world views, and histories, making you more aware of the edges of your own reality. Anjali is a generous and skilled … Continue reading Addie U.

Addie U.

Anjali Nath MA² is a brilliant, deeply compassionate decolonial revolutionary feminist philosopher and teacher. Her Liberation Spring adult freedom school is a superb opportunity to connect or reconnect mind, body and spirit in service of our collective liberation. As a former participant in the critical race theory workshops, I found resonances in our weekly sessions … Continue reading John H.T., JD, PhD.

John H.T., JD, PhD. feminist activist class

Colonization’s ancient, insidious agenda is NO MATCH for the Cosmic Oasis that is Liberation Spring. Sacred space for the radical healing of amnesia and imagination, Liberation Spring study is guaranteed to rock to you to the core. Should you accept the challenge, get ready to see the complexities of the matrix and come face-to-face with … Continue reading T.K.

T.K. decolonial activism