let’s sprout food justice

Welcome to Liberation Spring. We’re a freedom school with an online course called (Kitchen) Counter Intelligence. We’ll push back against the system that poisons our planet and exploits workers in the name of feeding people. We offer this class so we can grow food justice, food sovereignty, and begin to decolonize our diets. 

Here’s what we mean by that:

The biotech industry & Big Agriculture front as vanguards of science & eradicating hunger globally. Meanwhile, they use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, addictive additives, and neocolonial food policies to sell their merchandise.

If you’re over the distortion of our relationship with food by corporations and diet culture, this class is for you.

Let’s nourish mutiny thru food justice. And crafting a delicious relationship with food! 

That’s what we’ll explore in this class… so we can interrupt these oppressive dynamics in our lives & communities.

 If this sounds like a course you’d like to learn more about, please sign up to our newsletter or apply here. It starts June 29.

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Liberation Spring has been an invaluable experience for me. Anjali’s engaging pedagogy and the radical material she covers has challenged me to deeply reflect and critically question the ways in which I have been conditioned to move through the world. I have come away from my first season of Liberation Spring with a heightened sense of mindfulness and an eagerness to learn more about all the ways I can begin to decolonize and detoxify every aspect of my life. The (Kitchen) Counter Intelligence curriculum alone has enriched my relationship with food, the earth, other living species, my body, my culture, and my ancestry. I’m extremely grateful to have found such a powerful learning community. ― Somaya A.

feminist activist class

Liberation Spring is the fresh dose of community, solidarity and perspective I needed. As a professional, academic and activist trained in Euro-Centric institutions, connecting to people and organizations who function beyond this paradigm is crucial for my sanity and sense of stability. Anjali models what it looks like to stand firm and embody decolonial values and therefore gave me permission to do the same. She models the standards, the boundaries and validated my experiences and needs around liberation, solidarity and freedom. During my time participating in Liberation Spring, I’ve gained resources that I’ve used with my therapy clients, professional colleagues and on my personal journey. I’ve gained clarity around my purpose, as well as empirical knowledge to legitimize my praxis in the White supremacist and colonial society I live in. Though I’ve never actually met Anjali in person, my interactions with her always make me feel as though we are a part of a global community committed to liberation. Anjali is generous with sharing herself and her gifts through Liberation Spring and is truly an accessible spring of wisdom, knowledge, perspective and critical consciousness. I feel grateful to call Anjali community, colleague and friend and will continue to engage with her offerings and would recommend them to anyone wanting to walk a decolonial path toward liberation.  ― Muriel V., MA


We’ll be sharing more about the class experience in an upcoming email, so that will be a great, free way for you to soak up insights and make your decision.

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