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Welcome to Liberation Spring. We’re a community education program with an online course called Techno-skepticism. We push back against the system that co-opts our concentration & undermines our privacy & planet in the name of shiny gadgets.

We offer this class so we can take back our focus, privacy, & understanding of progress.

Here’s what we mean by that:

The tech industry fronts as the vanguards of development, science, & corporate responsibility. Meanwhile, they violate our privacy, create addictions to diversionary campaigns, commit ecocide, gentrify, & use child labor to make shiny unnecessary electronics!

If you’re over being distracted from what’s most important in life by algorithms of oppression, this class is for you.

Let’s move beyond the tech-bro dystopia thru digital detoxification. And crafting a liberatory relationship with technology! 

That’s what we’ll explore in this class… so we can interrupt these oppressive dynamics in our lives & communities.

If this sounds like a course you’d like to learn more about, please sign up to our newsletter or apply here. It starts first week of January.

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Liberation Spring will literally blow your mind. It creates a much needed space for unlearning and relearning. Your fragility will be tested. The community of learning is supportive and Anjali is a walking encyclopedia. Wanna make a change in the way you navigate the world? Then this course is for you. – Uzo N, MSN, RN

I absolutely love the topics, the amazing and passionate community, the kinship we have, the friendly and safe environment you create when we meet in group. Anjali, I absolutely LOVE how you are a walking encyclopedia! You offer so many amazing resources it’s mind-blowing! If you want to expand your intellect and your heart, meet extraordinary people and gear up to change the world, you must join this group! – Simone W

I am a lifelong student, and Liberation Spring is one of the most deeply satisfying learning environments that I have ever been a part of. Anjali is extraordinarily gifted at curating exceptional content from diverse sources. I also love that the content is accessible to all, even those not enrolled in the class. Anjali creates a deeply experiential, trauma-informed classroom where all class participants can express themselves authentically in a process of learning and un-learning. I’ve had many mind-opening experiences, including a renewed interest in exploring, reclaiming, and re-imagining my ancestral heritage, as well as new frameworks and perspectives for understanding a variety of subjects relating to sexuality and justice. I look forward to future seasons with Liberation Spring, and continuing to put into practice what I have learned and un-learned. I highly, highly recommend any of Liberation Spring’s courses to anyone seeking to expand their intellectual and political horizons. – Leah H


We’ll be sharing more about the class experience in an upcoming email, so that will be a great, free way for you to soak up insights and make your decision.

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