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take back your powers of perception


Welcome to Liberation Spring. We’re a freedom school with an online course called Gaslight the System: the politics of madness & sanity. We’ll push back against the system that co-opts our powers of perception & undermines our very understanding of reality.

We offer this class so we can decolonize our powers of perception & get free.

Here’s what we mean by that:

You may have intimate experience with being gaslit in personal relationships.

But it doesn’t end there.

Gaslighting- or being conditioned to doubt what you know to be real- is systemic.

We’re all being gaslit by the system that profits from our oppression. In every arena- especially mental health! We’re trained to doubt our own perceptions of reality.

So that we’ll reflexively act in the interests of the system rather than our own personal & collective wellbeing.

That’s what we’ll explore in this class … so we can interrupt these oppressive dynamics in our lives & communities.

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I found Liberation Spring during a confusing and frustrating time in my life. As a Muslim American, I constantly felt rejected by the place I called home and was struggling to reconcile and honor all of my identities. LS was a space in which I could sit with the discomfort, gather my strength, and channel my energies into learning, growing, and serving my community. The topics of the season are incredibly relevant to the times in which we are living, and Anjali is a master teacher and facilitator that brings out the innate learner in each of her students. I’m excited to rejoin LS in the summer, and eternally grateful for Anjali, the space, and the community members that make LS a true gem of the Bay Area. -Sadia S.


Liberation Spring will literally blow your mind. It creates a much needed space for unlearning and relearning. Your fragility will be tested. The community of learning is supportive and Anjali is a walking encyclopedia. Wanna make a change in the way you navigate the world? Then this course is for you. – Uzo N. MSN, RN


Liberation Spring has been an incredible source of learning and a place to come together for our collective unlearning. The process of discovering the roots which are the foundation for creating a more just and loving relationship with life itself are just the beginning of the gifts of this education. I’m immensely grateful for Anjali and the way in which she holds the challenge and opportunity of this path of learning which allows me to step into becoming the most powerful force for collective healing that I can become. ― Michelle D.


We’ll be sharing more about the class experience in an upcoming email, so that will be a great, free way for you to soak up insights and make your decision.

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