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Over the culture vultures?

Take back your Spirituality.

Welcome to Liberation Spring. We’re a freedom school with an online course called Our Spirits Our Selves. We’ll push back against the capitalist colonial poisoning of legitimate wisdom traditions that undermines our ability to heal.

We offer this class so we can defend the sacred and take back our spirituality from opportunists who pollute what’s precious.

Here’s what we mean by that:

Self-help and so-called transformative spaces front as vanguards of consciousness, awareness, and mindfulness. Meanwhile, they’re commonly white supremacist, capitalist, colonialist, and cisheteropatriarchal AF. You’ve likely intuited that there’s nothing spiritual about that- rather the opposite!

But it doesn’t end there.

Neoliberalism has us nonconsensually harvesting sage, reading charlatans who misrepresent wisdom traditions, and ravaging the earth for crystals you don’t need.

But you know what?

Oppressed peoples need healing and collective liberation, not this shallow spiritual bypassing.

Accessing our power has never been so important with all the transformation needed in the world right now, so we can’t afford that disrespectful playing dress up with the divine.

So where do we go from here?

If you’re over the poison of cultural appropriation and commercialism infecting our understanding of what’s sacred, this class is for you.

That’s what we’ll explore in this class … so we can interrupt these oppressive dynamics in our lives and communities.

If this sounds like a course you’d like to learn more about, please sign up to our newsletter or apply here. It starts the first week of April.

This class is especially for you if you’d like to…

  1. Unlearn hyper-individualistic consumerism, spiritual bypassing & materialism, neocolonialism, nonconsensual appropriative entitlement, naiveté, & capitalist profiteering
  2. Bring about transformative social change in ancestrally meaningful & decolonial ways
  3. Cultivate discernment practices, including critical thinking skills & healthy skepticism
  4. Deepen humility
  5. Heal fragmentation amongst what often get divided up in English as our mind, body, spirit, and heart & support wholeness

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Liberation Spring will literally blow your mind. It creates a much needed space for unlearning and relearning. Your fragility will be tested. The community of learning is supportive and Anjali is a walking encyclopedia. Wanna make a change in the way you navigate the world? Then this course is for you. – Uzo Nwankpa MSN, RN

feminist activist class

My experience with Liberation Spring (and in particular, the Just Pleasure course) is that Anjali is inexplicably adept when it comes to seamlessly weaving learning objectives into readings, assignments, and group discussions. She has the uncanny ability to create a safe, brave space for connection, critical thinking, and integration of the introduced concepts into her students’ lives—not as distant theories but as lived practices with distinctly political ramifications. As with all of Anjali’s undertakings, her courses are incredibly rigorous and nuanced, and also anchored in deep respect for her students’ lived experiences. There is something incredibly vitalizing about being in a Liberation Spring course. I can expect to be challenged, perplexed, and delighted. I can expect to have my intellectual horizons stretched, to come back to beginner’s mind, and also to know that I’m an integral part of the learning community. This is the kind of consciousness-raising that nourishes me deeply—and reminds me on a daily basis of how my everyday choices impact not just my life, but the collective. ― Nirmala N.

decolonial activism

Liberation Spring is a vital wellspring that has quenched a thirst I didn’t even know I had. Like a moving body of water, ever-flowing, dynamic and powerful, participating in this community has consistently generated insight, resonance and inspiration in my experience. It has washed through my life and re-shaped the way I relate to learning. I had no idea what I was stepping into when I came to my first class and looking back I’m not sure I could have anticipated it. Anjali’s warmth and guidance has brought new insights into sharp focus and helped me to see into my blind spots. I have begun to take more seriously the invitation to stop living in ways that are killing me/us/life and that feels like a step towards greater integrity. Amidst the crumble of some long held identities and beliefs, LS has offered a nourishing ground to grow upon. I feel a renewed sense of commitment to life and an expanded relationship to possibility. I am absolutely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to engage this journey in such unapologetically brilliant company. Kelsey G.


We’ll be sharing more about the class experience in an upcoming email, so that will be a great, free way for you to soak up insights and make your decision.

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