If you’re new to LS, welcome! Please bring your most evolved, intelligent, soulful, respectful self possible to this hard work. As we heal/transform our relationship with learning, please consider these accords:

  • Ask questions
  • Mutual respect
  • Right to pass
  • Take your own inventory
  • Confidentiality
  • Try it on
  • Step up, step back
  • Temporary amnesty
  • No attacking
  • Be on time

*Thank you to Michael James & Dr. Jeffrey Acido for inspiring these accords.

My favorite part of LS has been the growing sense of empowerment and awakening I feel as a result of working through resources in a non-hierarchical community of fellow thirsty travelers who share a longing for imagining and creating realities that are juicy. No matter how “crazy” I have felt for most of my life,…

Grace Diehl