What LS is

Liberation Spring is a freedom school
Freedom schools are often associated with the Freedom Summer educational programs that thrived during the U.S. civil rights movement as intellectual hubs for political education to equip organizers to effectively serve their communities in the crafting of activist strategies.

Liberation Spring infuses this legacy with the best of the 1960s/1970s U. S. feminist movement’s consciousness-raising tradition, the pragmatism of the skill-sharing paradigm common within DIY-free schools, the intellectual rigor of underground graduate schools, the curiosity of radical study groups, and the camaraderie of book clubs.

Overall, freedom schools are sites to gather together to engage in critical inquiry in a way that’s more accessible than academia and that focuses on liberation as a core goal.

LS offers community education

Communities have always educated themselves to serve their unique place-based needs and specific curiosities. The academic industrial complex was never intended to do this, let alone to provide a site to examine our deepest questions. Sharing curiosity collectively and experiencing education in a supportive environment can be amazing! You’re invited to come experience this public intellectualism for yourself.

student photoshoot 1

photography by Sania Elahi


What I appreciate about Liberation Spring most is the fact that it has re-framed what an educational setting, teacher, and learning looks like for me.  There is something magical about learning in a family friendly environment, over a delicious meal, in a home lovingly selected for our classes.  If you have never tried it, I invite you to take a class with us.

What I appreciate most about working with Anjali is how educated, non-judgmental, and experienced she is.  Anjali does not act as if she is better than or knows more than you.  Anjali just simply offers you another lens to see the world or your situation from.  Every time I communicate with Anjali she challenges me to dream bigger, expand past the limits of my own lived experiences and she gives me new authors to research.  Anjali is a phenomenal teacher and personal mentor.  I am honored to be one of her students. –Ashley Barnes