About Anjali

Anjali Lynn Nath Upadhyay M.A.² is academically trained as a political scientist, philosopher, and educator. She holds an M.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa with specializations in Indigenous Politics & Political Theory and a Graduate Certificate in International Cultural Studies. She also holds an M.A. degree in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University with concentrations in feminist pedagogies, epistemologies, and gender and militarization. She double-majored in Women’s Studies and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy at California State University at Fullerton. From 2010-2014, she was a Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu. Anjali’s longstanding intellectual curiosities centralize learning and teaching as practices of freedom.

Her community engagement and activism have encompassed a wide range of areas, including but not limited to graduate student collective bargaining, prison abolition, Earth defense, guerilla theater, anti-war organizing, LGBTTIQQ2SA advocacy, & popular education on transformative justice approaches to intimate partner violence.

She is honored to have lived, worked, studied, and/or spent time in Egypt, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Aotearoa, Australia, the Commonweath of Dominica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic, & Germany.

A certified lifeguard and SCUBA Rescue Diver, Anjali is passionate about living harmoniously with the Earth’s oceans & all the life contained therein. With deep diving, night diving, and enriched air certifications, she seriously digs holding space for folks to dive deeply into the unknown and conspire for consciousness.

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SFO Shutdown photo

One of our Liberations Spring cohort recently spoke during a sesh of creating a brave space. In our collective, we do just that: work in solidarity to create a brave space, at once interrogating, transgressing, and transcending dominant learning paradigms, putting theory into practice, and turning conventional academic practice on its head—all in third-space style.

Anjali is (re)born to teach. Her proclivity for facilitating discussion, her gift for carefully crafting curricula, her profound knack for connecting students with a staggering array of spot-on resources, and her obvious love of conspiring to unlearn is immense. In both one-on-one meetings and in our weekly group gatherings, she supports, inspires, and cuts to it: if we want to myth make, reimagine what is possible, dream, think-feel, nourish ourselves and one another, and get down, this work is not luxury—it’s necessity. –Kris Grossman