Winter 18 Discussion Board

Please feel free to share any reflections, ideas, or resources based on our dialogue this season. This is also a site for sharing relevant dreams, visions, observations, etc.

2 thoughts on “Winter 18 Discussion Board

  1. Kelsey says:

    When I got home from class tonight, my housemate read me this quote, which seemed apt:

    “As awakening increases we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our hearts a whole swarm of shameful thoughts and feelings. We could never have believed that we had harbored such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But we must neither be amazed nor disheartened. We are not worse than we were, on the contrary, we are better. But while our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind for your comfort, that we only perceive our Melody when the cure begins.”

    – Francois Fénélon’s

    The Inner Life

    This English translation originally appeared in “Spiritual Progress”
    or Instructions in the Divine Life of the Soul
    from the French of Fenelon and Madame Guyon”;
    Printed in 1853; Edited by James W. Metcalf.

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