One thought on “Week 6: 2/8/17 Discussion Board

  1. Grace says:

    Apologies for missing class; here are a few questions/thoughts.
    First off. LOVE the Star Wars bit. How do we translate the metaphoric destruction of the Death Star into resisting life-extinguishing industrial civilization? Is Jensen insinuating which tactics of resistance are most meaningful?

    Later in the film, Frederick Douglass is quoted: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” Yet, authors like Hedges warn against the futility of violent resistance against the hegemonic corporate state. Where and how is forceful resistance neither co-opted nor futile? What can it look like? Define violence.

    And what do we do about the very real impending doom of running out of clean water, air and soil? How violent do our tactics get without inciting the full strength of the military industrial complex?

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