Week 5: 7/5 Discussion Board

Please feel free to continue this week’s dialogue about Federici’s essay and your personal somatic experiments here.

One thought on “Week 5: 7/5 Discussion Board

  1. Cat says:

    When it rains, it pours. The topic of sexuality, socialization of sex and relationships has been UP for me. In some beautiful ways and some challenging ways.

    The somatic experiment has been illuminating and profound. From not holding my stomach in on a moment to moment basis to literally letting go of pelvic, vulvic, cervical muscles during self-pleasure time, SURRENDER and RELEASE have been a theme, a welcome reminder that my brain is not the only thing pulsing life – not in the least. I would like to add that MUSIC has been a really powerful aid in this. More to come on that, I hope.

    At the same time, “so, there’s this guy.” How many heteropatriarchal moments start out with that sentence? Hm, even this realization makes me not want to go into the story. I’m realizing how much stake I’ve placed on how males in my life view me. As Eri commented last week, there is something egotistical and also very much socialized about my sense of worth being tied to whether Guy X wants to fuck me. Fuck that.

    The best gift I received all weekend was from my friend. We were at a party, listening to a Beyonce song and her image was on the TV. She was decked out in a rhinestone belly top, and my friend and I ogled it. I commented on how I’d love to rock it, though wouldn’t be able to eat the incredible mac and cheese our other friend had made (with his Louisiana cooking roots), and she looked at me and said, “Now whose story you tellin’?” THAT is a good friend.

    Also. Amy Schumer. I was exhausted on Sunday evening and decided to investigate the TV at the place where I’m dogsitting. Amy Schumer’s comedy special at the Apollo was on. I uncharacteristically decided to check it out. All about sex and body image. “I’m a white girl, so I might as well go ahead and get an eating disorder,” was one of her responses to the Hollywood pressure to get thin to star in the movie she wrote. While some of her commentary did not resonate with me (or flat out rubbed me the wrong way) many of her points were, well, on point. The show opened and closed with a home video of her as a little girl singing “Let me entertain you.”


    OH MY – The first paragraph of Federici’s essay alone is brilliant.

    what comes out when we let go is repressed feelings
    sex as a duty to please
    compartmentalization as mutilation of female sexuality (and male for that matter, though different)
    “in bourgeois morality, anything that is unproductive is obscene”!!!! (p.24)
    the people we can love vs. the people we can just talk to – 2 different kinds of people, so says bourgeois morality – renders us bodiless souls and soulless flesh, respectively
    the years we are most fertile are the years we are most burdened with work. the years we are seen as sexual objects (though this age is younger and younger) are crazy-making because our hormones are humming yet we must protect our soulFULL bodies from rape and abuse. how to be open and protected becomes the conundrum that hegemonic culture feeds off of – retreats for soul awakening and bootcamps for your booty. all paid. meanwhile those who cannot pay… what resources are available to them for their soulful bodies?
    pleasure as ephemeral in sex life – and sexuality is always accompanied by anxiety
    commercialization of female body makes it IMPOSSIBLE to feel comfortable in female body regardless of shape or form – yes yes YES
    my body on the counter – “we hate [our body] because we know that so much depends on it” – fearing our body because it will age and change, losing us social capital we barely have in the first place, losing love we thought we could earn earnestly

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