(Self and) Community Care

Please feel free to use this space to dialogue about ways that we can intentionally take care of ourselves and one another as we get free.

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4 thoughts on “(Self and) Community Care

  1. Cat says:

    Beloved community,
    One thought I had on this is that perhaps next week, when we meet in person/virtually, we can invoke something(s) we wish to offer and something(s) we wish to receive from this collective. Eri started our last course off this way (with the yarn!) and I found it so beautiful and nourishing – particularly with the physical reminder that is still around my wrist. Does that interest any of you? We can, of course, also do this via writing through this blog. Thoughts?
    Thank you all for this wondrous evening.

  2. Kris says:

    Cat, I love this! Yes! Nourishment. I espied your yarn last night—beautiful reminder of the seeds we’ve planted and continue to sow—and grow. xo

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