Week 15: 5/11 Discussion Board

This week’s reading is “Our Stories are Sacred: On Knowing Who We Are”: https://hehiale.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/our-stories-are-sacred-on-knowing-who-we-are/


One thought on “Week 15: 5/11 Discussion Board

  1. Cat says:

    Anjali asked us what questions we might have about our ancestry. It incited rapid-fire curiosity from all in the room. Here are some of mine:

    Questions of Roots

    Dear Ancestors,

    What were your healing rituals?
    How did you dance?
    What plants and herbs did you use for healing?
    What other rituals did you practice? For birth? Harvest? Death? Sex? Other forms of community and union?
    How did you celebrate?
    What music did you make and how? What rhythms were sacred to you? Where did your inspiration for living come from?
    What did you do in the evenings?
    How did you warm yourselves?
    What was your cosmology? Sacrality? Divinity? How did you know magic? Who and what did you worship? How did you know your own worth?

    What happened on the island with Gabba’s orphaned father?

    How can I communicate with you?

    Is there a particular place on this planet where I need to go to know you and myself better? A particular place that will exalt my soul to it’s most sacred purpose?

    Did you know oppression? How did you respond? How would you respond to today’s crises of slavery, genocide, war, and ecocide?

    What languages did you speak?

    What was gender like? How did it feel to be a man? Woman? Trans? Queer? Were all treated with humanity, dignity and respect?

    How was community formed and nourished? Was it a choice to live in community?

    Where did your water come from? How did you know it was potable?

    Where did your fuel come from? Fire? Gas? Electricity? Locally?

    How did you know what you could eat? How did you prepare meals?

    How do the multiple strands of my ancestry weave into my heart and actions?

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