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  1. Cat says:

    Hi all,

    Anjali turned me on to “Democracy Now!” A bit ironic considering our inspection of the etymology of the context, origin, and finitude of “democracy” on Wednesday. Democracy Now! produces a pretty fantastic podcast, which you can find at and I stumbled upon this issue from Sept 22 2015 (so last year) feat. Noam Chomsky. I was delighted by his critique of US/Middle East relations. He also comments on the legacy of white supremacy, neoliberalism, and Anglo-Protestant and Christian values driving much of our political climate right now. I wanted to share, should any of you want to check it out:

  2. Cat says:

    Also, I meant to post this last week. If you go to and find the Feb 4 episode of Uprising! there is a mention of Sankofa, a term we discussed last week which refers to remembering our roots as we build a vital reality for future generations. (There is a more powerful definition, I am sure, but that’s what I have off the top of my head.) The episode also features a recording of James Baldwin reading a letter he wrote to Angela Davis. Need I say more.

  3. Kris says:

    This incredible piece, “A Black Feminist Statement, (1977)” by the Cohambee River Collective offers us a wonderful example of/approach to writing and defining ourselves collaboratively:

    Most of you have likely read it, but it’s so pertinent to our work as we co-create LS that I simply cannot resist. The use of the collective first person “we” is a staggeringly powerful writing strategy. Also, the structure and content of the piece is, simply put, brilliant.

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